Diaspora: Into the Slipstream

Character Generation

Casual character creation day today. Our usual system is Pathfinder or GURPs, so it was a novelty to make characters using FATE.
Previously we generated the Cluster, each player rolling up two systems each. The creativity and fun of that session carried over to today’s meeting.
However one thing I want to encourage more is suggestions and feedback from other players, and not just me. I feel that the dynamics of the group work best when it’s an open platform and we bounce ideas around, rather than listening to a GM or referee. FATE really harnesses that conversational dynamic and it is integral to it’s success as a gaming system. In previous games we would be distracted by other players going on tangents, in this system, we would rely on it because a better story gets told when someone else suggests something that sounds cool and you agree. The story takes primacy, not an individual’s progression up levels or acquisition of treasure.
It’s hard to break that mindset having played old school rpgs for so long. But ultimately it is more rewarding.
The players have already started adding content, looking forward to seeing their characters on the portal.


mikkael mikkael

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