The Korbo system is made up of 4 terrestrial bodies and 1 super-gas giant which is crudely mined by the dominate species and traded.

The second planet from the twin suns is Biss, the homeworld of the arboreal dwelling species of the same name.

All other solar bodies are uninhabited, or in the case of the 4th planet, completely scoured of life by an astrological disaster some centuries earlier that wiped out a pre-industrial civilisation.


Type: Terrestrial
Period: 296.5 days
Mass: 1.72 earths
Gravity: 1.81 g
Day Length: 19.6 hrs
Composition: water, silicon dioxide over a metallic core
Atmosphere: 27% Oxygen, 70% Nitrogen
Surface area: 380.45 million km^2 (land), 650.91 million km^2 (saline oceans)

Technology: Exploring the system (0)

Environment: Survivable world (-1)

Resources: One significant export (2)

Aspects: Natives are Restless, Arboreal, Expansionist


Diaspora: Into the Slipstream mikkael crowtribe